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Now who doesn’t love cake??!!

My little spook and I decided that this year daddy’s birthday cakes were going to be Halloween themed. I got a fab little cutter from Lakeland to help with the icing but Maisie decided to go free hand. She did a fantastic job don’t you think? Mine aren’t half bad either 😊

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My friend Emily and I decided that some de-stressing from work was in order so we decide to book onto one of Sue Bridge's fab Stampin' Up card classes.

We had a great time learning some new skills and testing out the Stampin' Up products. We used punches, stamps, inks and some beautiful papers. Sue had prepared some sample cards which we replicated. We were pretty happy with our finished cards!

Why not book with Sue here for some of your own card making fun!

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Just after our 'Rainy day box' arrived Maisie came out in chicken pox. As we were stuck at home it was the perfect opportunity to make something from the box. Maisie chose the fishing game and asked daddy to make it with her.

Daddy drew around the templates and Maisie cut out the fish and stuck on the googly eyes.

Next she cut up the magnetic strip and attached it to her fish.

Finally Maisie tied her string to the peg and paperclip and the game began. It kept her happy and busy for a while

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